Item I - Criteria

This scholarship is given to a high school senior to further his or her education as a full time student in any post high school institution. To be eligible for this nonrenewable scholarship you must be a dependent of a stockholder going into any field of study or any student going into an agricultural field. Employee’s children may not apply.   Criteria for selection shall also include demonstrated scholarship potential, spirit of hard work, leadership ability, interest in extracurricular activities, as well as a commitment to reach personal goals. Financial need may be considered but is not necessarily the primary consideration.

Item II - Selection Procedure

Applications for these scholarships will be sent to the Edon Farmers Cooperative main office. The address is P O Box 308, Edon, Ohio 43518. Applications must be received no later than April 1 of the year preceding the academic year for which a scholarship is requested. Interviews may be held with the applicants.

Item III – Payment

A check will be issued from Edon Farmers Cooperative to the recipient and the post high school institution upon proof of entry into college/university.

Item IV – Application 

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Online Scholarship Form

Past Winners

2022 Winners: Holly Stark (Edgerton High School) Daughter of Brian & Kim Stark; Grace Schroeder (Edgerton High School) Daughter of Adam & Colette Schroeder; Brooke Pittman (Hamilton High School) Daughter of Tabitha & Mark Pittman: Madison Haynes (Eastside High School) Daughter of Sarah Haynes; Kerrin Towers (Edon High School) Daughter of Ryan & Emily Towers; Ashley Kaylor (Edon High School) Granddaughter of Sam Steffes;  Allison Kaylor (Edon High School) Granddaughter of Sam Steffes.

2021 Winners: Audrey Schroeder (Edgerton High School) Daughter of Mary Ann & Gary Schroeder; Paige Briner (Edon High School) Daughter of Kory & Jessica Briner; Caleb Shlie (Edgerton High School) Son of Chad Schlie and Kyle & Tammy Dockery: Abbigail Herman (Edgerton High School) Daughter of Chris & Ellen Herman; Lauren Brown (Eastside High School) Daughter of Derek & Kelly Brown. 

2020 Winners: Allison Altaffer (Montpelier High School) Daughter of Troy & Emily Altaffer; Casey Leppelmeier (Edgerton High School) Daughter of Ray & Robin Leppelmeier; Carissa Peckhart (Eastside High School) Daughter of Matt & Cassie Peckhart: Conner Thiel (Edgerton High School) Son of Gregg & Melinda Thiel; Mallory Trausch (Edon High School) Daughter of Mike & Shannon Trausch.   In addition an Employee Dependent Scholarship was awarded to Zoe Maier and Claire Radabaugh.

2019 Winners:  Taylor Brown (Edon High School) Daughter of Dennis and Amy Boyer; Madison Freeman (Edgerton High School) Scott and JoDel Freeman; Leanna Pelz (Edgerton High School) Daughter of Lacey and Jason Pelz; Jordan Runyan (Edon High School) Son of Todd and Angie Runyan; Madison Vondran (Camdon High School) Daughter of Gretchen Vondran and Mike Vondranoy.  In addition an Employee Dependent Scholarship was awarded to Karrin Kramer.

2018 Winners:  Hanna Hug (Edgerton High School) Daughter of Chad and Jayma Hug; Emily Fox (Edon High School) Daughter of Dennis Fox; Hanna Fogel (Edon High School) Daughter of Troy Fogel; Rochel Schroeder (Edgerton High School) Daugher of Gary & Mary Ann Schroeder; Rebecca Schroeder (Edgerton High School) Daughter of Gary & Mary Ann Achroeder.  In addition an Employee Dependent Scholarship was awarded to Olivia Radabaugh.

2017 Winners:  Lauren Jacobs, (Eastside High School) Daughter of Lynn & Lisa Reinhart; Samantha Trausch (Edon High School) Daughter of Mark & Tina Trausch; Caleb Haines (Montpelier High School) Son of Paul & Melanie Haines; Cade McClellan (Edgerton High School) Son of Kevin & Linda McClellan; Mackenzie Smyth (Hamilton High School) Daughter of Jason & Tina Smyth.  In addition an Employee Dependent Scholarship was awarded to Alyssa Maier (Edon High School) Daughter of Jennifer and Wes Maier

2016 Winners:  Troye Hook, (Eastside High School) Son of Gregory and Karin Hook; Madison Herman, (Edgerton High School) Daughter of Tony and Jennifer Herman; Landon Thiel, (Edgerton High School) Son of Gregg And Melinda Thiel; Tyler Seaman, (Edon High School) Son of Rick and Cindy Seaman.

2015 Winners:  Jared Shoup, (Montpelier High School) Son of Doug and Cathy Shoup; Hanna Herman, (Edgerton High School) Daughter of Tony and Jennifer Herman; Tymber Hug, (Edgerton High School) Daughter of Jayma and Chad Hug.  In addition an Employee Dependent Scholarship was awarded to the following: Kaitlin Chrisman (Edon High School) Daughter of Tammy and Greg Chrisman.

2014 Winners:  Nathan Buehrer, (Montpelier High School) Son of Laura Beck and Dave Buehrer; Kaelyn Sack, (Edgerton High School) Daughter of Michele and Jim Sack; Wyatt Zulch, (Edon High School) Son of Theresa and Shad Zulch.  In addition, Employee Dependent Scholarships were awarded to the following: Alex Baker, Son of Deb and Jeff Baker; Damion Heinze, Son of Teresa and Andy Stickney; Mike Peeples, Son of Cindy and Jack Peeples; Morgan Ray, Son of Jamie and Mike Trausch; Jenna Stark, Daughter of Michele and Keith Stark.

2013 Winners: Sabrina Brown, (Edon High School) Daughter of Tanya Brown; Kyle Gearhart, (Edon High School) Son of James and Sandra Gearhart; David Headley, (Edon High School) Son of Charles and Jennifer Headley.  In addition, a Employee Dependent Scholarship was awarded to Kaleb Long, Son of Michael and Susan Long.

2012 WinnersMaurice Kaiser Scholarship: Austin Fenner, (Edon High School) Son of Mark and Jamie Prince; Joel Ulery Scholarship:  Matthew Hook, (Eastside High School), Son of Alvin Hook, Sundaye Hook; Randy Sindel Scholarship: Breanna Henry, (Montpelier High School) Daughter of Tim and Vonda Henry.  In addition, Employee Dependent Scholarships were awarded to: Amanda Chrisman, Austin Winzeler, T J Reeder, Nathan Stark.

2011 Winners: Natalie Appel, Edgerton, Ohio, Daughter of Duane & Lolita Appel; Rachel Headley, Edon, Ohio, Daughter of Charlie & Jennifer Headley; Joey Brown, Edon, Ohio, Son of Bert & Lori Brown; Ashlie Kryder, Butler, IN, Daughter of Don & Penny Kryder

2010 Winners:  Brandon Haines, Montpelier, Ohio, Son of Paul & Melanie Haines; Elizabeth Krill, Edgerton, Ohio, Daughter of Joe and Rosey Krill; Michele Hook, Butler, Indiana, Daughter of Gregory & Karin Hook; Katie Kepler, Hamilton, Indiana, Daughter of Brad & Kim Kepler.

2009 Winners:  Cambell Parrish, Edon, Ohio, Son of Brenda and Frank Parrish; Nikki Gillen, Montpelier, Ohio, Daughter of  Lonnie & Dan Gillen; Lindsay Hug, Edon, Ohio, Daughter of  Pam & Mike Hug.  Thank you to all applicants, and best wishes in your future plans.

2008 Winners: Daniel Kryder, Hamilton, Indiana, son of Don and Penny Kryder;  Marissa Snyder, Montpelier, Ohio, daughter of Greg and Rebecca Snyder.


Joel Ulery $1,000
Maurice Kaiser $1,000
Randy Sindel $1,000